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The Shepherds Center offers quality, spiritually-sensitive counseling for people of all faiths and backgrounds, and offers a safe place to find Christian resources for those who desire to integrate their faith with their counseling experience.

About The Shepherd's Center

About The Shepherd's Center

Located in Gig Harbor, Washington, The Shepherd`s Center for Counseling Services offers a variety of counseling services for people regardless of faith, gender and race, who live within reach of the Puget Sound area.

Our office hours are dictated by appointments timed for our clients` needs from morning through evening.

Our clinicians provide therapy for clients of all ages, who are experiencing relational, emotional, mental, or developmental disorders.

Help is here!
If you are trying to cope with the impact of negative individual, marital, or family issues, we believe you will benefit from the skills of one or more of our clinicians. All are highly educated and experienced in assisting you to find help or resolve for the things that concern you.

We are very concerned about the growing number of people who are faced with finding ways to deal with abuse, addictions, depression, relationship issues, etc., whether within themselves or with others they must live and communicate with. Our families are also finding that the internet, though exciting, has brought a host of new and discouraging problems to deal with: sexual addiction and compulsivity, or maybe loss of communication with family members who are overly involved with virtual reality and social media.

We will support your efforts as you work on what may be troubling you. We especially don`t want you to feel as if you`re alone as you learn new tactics to cope with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. We will be at hand with support and guidance as your self-confidence is restored, and as you work to find resolve in your situation.

Child therapy:
We know that you would not entrust your child to the care of just anyone. Nor would we. Our provision for children is well-covered by caring, qualified clinicians who specialize in children`s issues.

We are a unique combination of talents!
You will discover that our group is unique in both skills and attitude, and is poised to welcome you and provide you with all the help necessary to redefine your life. We are able to integrate a person's spiritual resources to the degree that a person wishes to include, or not include, in their efforts to become more emotionally, relationally, and mentally healthy.

If your circumstances cannot be changed and are of no danger to you, we will teach you ways you can cope so their impact is minimized in... Read More


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Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

While we identify ourselves as persons of faith, we come from a variety of spiritual backgrounds and accept clients no matter their ethnicity, gender, or faith. If you are curious about a particular counselor's faith persuasion, feel free to ask them.


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Front Office Information

Front Office Information

We want our waiting area to be as appealing and comfortable as possible for your short wait to see your personal therapist. While waiting, feel free to fix yourself some coffee or tea at our coffee/tea bar as you enter. We also provide various magazines to read, or just feel free to close your eyes to wait to be invited in for your session.

Your counselor should be with you within a few minutes of your appointment time.

We don't have an in-office receptionist, so we rely on our confidential phone system for you to leave messages using your counselor's extension or you may email us.

If you have an emergency, please call 911 or the 24 hour Crisis Line at 1(800)576-7764.

For billing questions, several of our clinicians use Staalbro Billing which you may contact at staalbrobilling@gmail.com

Counseling can be a big step for many people, and the unknown of simply entering our offices can be disconcerting. We welcome you to stop by at any time to ''scout us out,'' no personal questions asked.

We're glad you`re on your way!


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The Shepherd's Center for Counseling Services
The Shepherd's Center for Counseling Services

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6626 Wagner Way NW, Suite 200, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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