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Our Clinicians provide a variety of counseling services, including marital and family counseling, child therapy, healing from infidelity, depression, anxiety, singles issues, adolescents, conflict resolution, grief, trauma, women's issues and co-dependency; recovery issues, male infidelity, spiritual issues, sexual compulsivity, parenting blended families, abuse and family of origin issues.

Paul Duke, M.A., LMHC, CSAT-C

Paul Duke, M.A., LMHC, CSAT-C

Paul Duke graduated from Northwest University and has worked in clinics in Bellevue, Tacoma, and now in Gig Harbor.

Paul specializes in the treatment of:

-Depression and anxiety
-Addiction and compulsive behaviors
-Menís issues
-Isolation and loneliness
-Relationship difficulties (including couples and families)

Paul uses a down to earth approach to counseling and psychotherapy that provides practical ways for managing issues and problems. He draws from his life experience to help clients with crisis issues, while building a bond of trust that enables the work to move to a deeper level, where clients encounter the particular dynamics and roadblocks that are impacting their lives in negative ways. He helps clients accept themselves as unique and valuable, within their own spiritual beliefs, sexual/gender orientation, and cultural context, which sets the stage for profound change in their life.

His work also extends beyond the individual, addressing the challenges occurring within their relationships. He helps couples and families achieve a safe space to develop genuine kinship with each other. This includes helping couples and families to truly enjoy each other, to avoid getting stuck in power struggles and distancing behaviors, and to find satisfying ways to express themselves, and listen with empathy.

Paul also specializes in leading groups for men and women needing support and effective treatment for lack of intimacy and connection with others. The group work helps individuals develop the tools that keep their life choices within their personal values, while regaining greater intimacy in their family relationships, so they can live a more joyful and fulfilling life. The groups serve as a safe place where participants can find support, warmth and understanding, and a laboratory where they can try new and rewarding ways of interacting with others.

Paul has extensively explored the experience of those drawn compulsively to various interests, desires and/or substances as a way to handle pain and discomfort. He enjoys working with clients to instead take the journey of intimate connection with themselves, and with the significant folks in their lives - friends, family, partners and spouses.

He may be reached on his 24 hour confidential voicemail at (253) 858-2224, x 309.
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